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As a specialty, we offer great solutions in the area of bathroom renovation. Here I advise personally and with many years of experience .

Individual solutions are created according to your requirements .

Thanks to the detailed 3D visualization of the solution variants, possible variants can be assessed in advance according to their advantages and disadvantages. This makes it easier to select the optimal solution before starting the renovation.

In this way, surprising results are possible even in the smallest of spaces.

Spiegelschrank auf Mass, Glasdusche Schwyz, Möbel Badezimmerumbau Schwyz Türen
Spiegelkasten, Spiegelkasten, Duschverglasung Badezimmerumbau Planung Umbau Badmöbel Arth Schwyz
Umbau in Arth BAdezimmer mit Spiegelkasten
Spiegelkasten Badezimmermöbel Led-Beleuchtung Schubladen Schwyz Glastüre Dusche
Badezimmermöbel, Arth Schwyz Keramik Farblack Türen Schwyz






With us you are at the right address for all concerns in the door area. if fire, noise and burglary protection solutions are required, we know. We offer you solutions for lock and access systems in terms of function and security.

Another specialty is our magnetic cabinet and cladding fronts in all RAL and NCS colors, which can be written on with chalk or board markers.

Schwyz kitchen

Schwyz kitchen
Schwyz kitchens

Schwyz kitchens

Schwyz kitchens
Schwyz kitchen

Glass door broken glass and mirror Walchwil Brunnen Region Schwyz

  • 3D planning and visualization

  • 3D CAD manufacturing realism based on intelligent components directly on CNC

  • Kitchen equipment & kitchen remodeling

  • Replacement of kitchen appliances

  • Bathroom remodeling & bathroom furniture

  • Built-in wardrobes & cloakrooms

  • Front doors, exterior doors

  • Room doors, fire doors

  • Wet room doors, sliding doors

  • Glass doors, cat doors

  • Burglary protection, fire protection

  • Locking systems & access technology

  • Repairs & maintenance work

Badezimmer Umbau 3D-Planung Naturofloor LED-Lichtband Schmidlin-Wanne auf Mass
Schmidlinwanne mit Rand auf Mass, Brause mit Schlauch verstaut

Kitchen appliances, V-ZUG, Siemens, Bosch, device replacement, device replacement, repairs, Kaba, locking cylinder, planning, Arth, Goldau, Küssnacht, Brunnen,

Broken glass, burglar protection, door, Schwyz region

Badezimmer, Möbel auf Mass, Spezialdetail, flächenbündig, Naturofloor, Goldau, Kt. Schwyz, Schweiz

Planning conversion kitchen bathroom doors glass mirror mirror cabinet bathroom furniture with solid wood cover bookshelf in sloping ceiling, Zug Schwyz joinery + kitchens Arth Goldau Schwyz door fire protection burglar protection front door wet room door

Umbau Badezimmer 3D Planung, Schwyz, Schweiz
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